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When we decided to form our Club, we expected slow growth - slowly accumulating new members while spreading our ideas - love for our City and its symbol we have grown up with. In our first year we had an unexpected 'boom' of new members. Our second year was much more down to earth and our third year was nearly as successful as our first year and we nearly broke the record of 1608 users. In 2017. our counter stopped at a number of 1554, we hope that we can go a step farther this year!

Thank you, everyone. You are Dinamo!

Futsal Dinamo is a club that belongs to its members and each one of us by becoming a member becomes one of thousands of its owners and helps the activities of the club.

Each member of Futsal Dinamo is a member of the club Commitee and has a privilige, but also an obligation, to directly choose leadership of the club and decide on all important matters concerning the club.

Our members are the foundation of our club, a guarantee of sorts that it will survive even in hard times and that the interest of the club must be above all. As individual persons, we can hardly accomplish anything - but by standing together we standard a great chance to change something.

Our Dinamo will live on. Because of us, but also because of those who will come after us, so they don't have to be ashamed when somebody mentions cheering for your club and because of their relationship with the City they love. So we could leave them Dinamo they deserve - we need each one of you who understands that. Join now, work for the club and live with the club....

Membership price for 2019. is 20 or 25 EUR (depending on whether you are a minor or an adult) and with the membership card each members receives a gift. Membership price was chosen by our members in a questionnaire in year 2014.

Great help in spreading our membership are our TRUSTEES. Each one of you can become club's trustee and spread our membership in your area - you can read more about that here.

Prices for membership depend on the method of payment and your residence:

  • 25 € for adults (or currency equivalent)
  • 20 € for minors (or currency equivalent)


For all questions you can contact us at clanstvo@futsal-dinamo.hr or by phone on +385 91 5104 746

You can find the list of our members' benefits HERE.

Our privacy statement and explanation on how we process your data can be found here.

We are Dinamo!

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